Using Rats in Hawaii

By Captain Makani Christensen, Lead Guide Fly Fishing Hawaii

Ed is the Lead Guide at Nervous Waters Fly Fishers Honolulu, Hawaii.   His friend call him the fish whisperer for his ability to catch fish no matter the conditions.   He is the guy catching fish when everyone else is having a hard time.

Captain Ed is the top guide in Hawaii and a great guy to be around.   A local boy from Hawaii Kai, Ed has been fishing the flats for many years.  Ed has perfected the art of making flies that fish want to eat; honed his skills on bonefish movement throughout the reef; developed a sixth sense of predicting where fish will swim; and mastered the presentation of flies to the fish.  His uncanny ability to catch fish is unparalleled.   Best of all his is a great guy to be around and fish with.

He and I joked about using the Rat to catch GTs.   With a quick trip to Cabelas on one of his trips to California, be bought a rat plug normally used for freshwater, and successfully caught a Giant Trevally (GT).  He texted me this picture of the GT using a rat.

So next time your in Hawaii and your looking for another great guide, give Nervous Waters Fly Fishers Honolulu, Hawaii a call and ask to book a trip with with Captain Ed.

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